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Lavender: 50 Self-Care Recipes and Projects for Natural Wellness

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Breathe deep and feel calm with this fresh, modern take on one of nature's most beneficial herbs!

Find simple herbal remedies, tips, and projects for inspiration, relaxation and well-being. Harness the natural power of lavender with recipes for:
*  Lavender Matcha Latte
*  Yoga Mat Freshening Mist
*  Dried Lavender Fire-Starter
*  Lavender Frosé
*  Day's End Tea
*  Blue Day Lavender Roll-Away
*  Nourishing Lavender Makeup Remover
*  Lavender and Rose Fizzy Bath Salts
*  Sweet Dreams Diffuser Oil
*  Soothing Eye Pillow

The book covers gardening (favorite varieties and pollinators); preserving (harvesting, drying, and extracting culinary oil); body care (essential oils, aromatherapy, oral remedies); the mind (stress relief and sleep); skin care (including allergens); cleaning (antiseptic and antifungal properties); food (pantry essentials); and projects (including gifts).