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OK Boomer: A Coloring Book of the Gas-Guzzling, Wealth-Hoarding, Technology-Phobic Generation That Controls Everything

by MPS
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Celebrate the infuriating quirks of Baby Boomers everywhere with the hilarious coloring book OK, Boomer! Back in their day, this incomparable generation had to walk uphill both ways to reasonably priced universities and pull themselves up by their bootstraps to secure their healthy pensions. They know the value of doing things the old-fashioned way, like reading a newspaper and eating regular toast. This collection of 38 original illustrations commemorates Boomers’ favorite behaviors―from endearing Internet fails and mystifying optimism to tone-deaf privilege and resistance to change. OK Boomer is the tongue-in-cheek coloring book that lets younger generations color away their soul-crushing stress in an analog format their favorite Boomers will understand.

• Color 38 on-the-nose illustrations poking fun at Baby Boomers
• Practice self-care with coloring since you’ll never be able to retire
• Perforated pages make it easy to share your cathartic works of art