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Rose Radiance 5-piece Brush Set & Pouch

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A five-piece, face-and-eye brush set and pouch. Providing you with all the essential tools and beyond to complete your full-face makeup look.

This Set Contains:
-Powder Brush
-Buffing Brush
-Eyeshadow Brush
-Concealer Brush

What else you need to know:
These brushes are cruelty-free.

Suggested Usage:

Powder Brush: The round, fluffy brush head perfectly applies loose or pressed powder all over the face for a luminous, airbrushed finish. Can also be used to bake the under eye area after applying concealer.

Buffing Brush: Ensures a flawless look by blending and buffing the product into skin.

Eyeshadow Brush: A fluffy shadow brush that gently tapers to a soft dome, perfect for blending shadow into the crease and diffusing all over the lid.

Concealer Brush: Perfect for applying and blending concealer under eyes or for small-area coverage.

A step-by-step brush cleaning method

Step 1: Squeeze a dollop of cosmetic brush shampoo into a glass or a mug and fill with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Swirl your brushes in the water and gently massage the tips.

Step 3: Rinse the bristles with clean water.

Step 4: Carefully squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.

Step 5: Reshape the brush head and lay flat.

Step 6: Let the brush dry with its bristles hanging off the edge of a counter, allowing it to dry in the correct shape. Never let your brushes dry on a towel — the