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Things to Do When You're Feeling Blue: Self-Care Ideas To Make Yourself Feel Better

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Replace good vibes only with I m allowed to feel sad

Replace delete negativity with I can reach out for support

Replace I m no good at anything with Would I say this to a friend?

A break in the clouds, a hug at the right moment, the small voice in the back of our heads that says, I can do this. Those moments are the rich soil in which we grow our self-esteem, our resilience and our relish for life. This book is filled with dozens of these little moments, ready to be dipped into whenever your mood dips, and to be opened up when you re shutting down.

From ways to identify burnout and strategies for combating negative self-talk, to simple scripts for tricky situations and soothing self-care rituals, this is a book that will take you by the hand and tell what you need to hear. Even if what you need to hear if it okay to wrap yourself in a duvet burrito for the day .

Even at your most flawed, you re perfectly you. Even when you feel broken, you re whole. You re brilliant, unique and worthy. It s time to leave the blue moods behind and experience the full rainbow.