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Beech Wood + Rockin Guitar Salad Servers

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  • How many times have you been making a boring dinner and wished that you could take things up a notch? There is nothing more exciting than rock and roll! With the new Beech Wood Rocking Guitar Salad Servers, turn every meal into a mighty concert! Use them to stir your batter or to serve your salad, there isn't anything in the kitchen these hall of fame worthy spoons can't do!

    Made from classic and durable Beechwood, the Rocking Guitar Salad Servers give any meal the feel of whimsey. Coated and food-safe, the Beechwood Rocking Guitar Salad Server fits easily in any of your kitchen drawers until they are ready to make their debut at your dinner table or in your kitchen.

    The Beechwood Rocking Guitar Salad Servers fit right in for any audience. Whether you want to bring a smile to the Queen's face during a royal brunch, or just hanging out with the boys backstage, The Beechwood Rocking Guitar Salad Servers can play to any crowd. Make your next meal a live concert of fun and excitement with the Beechwood Rocking Guitar Salad Servers.

    Designed By: Bartjan de Bruijn
    Dimensions: W-3.1" H-10.75" L-0.4"