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Grandfather I Want to Hear Your Story

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Give Your Grandfather the Gift of Love, Memories, and Legacy.

Grandfather, I Want to Hear Your Story is the perfect place for your Granddad to tell his life story while also creating a cherished legacy for you and the entire family.
Imagine reading your Grandfather's words as he shares his journey. Imagine sitting with your children, his grandchildren, and reading his story to them.

This the Original and Best-Selling Way for Your Granddad to Share His Life Story
Grandfather, I Want to Hear Your Story uses prompts and questions to guide your Grandfather, making it simple for him to tell the stories of his childhood, his teens, and his adult years. This will be his tale, his triumphs, his challenges, as told by him.
This will be the tales of his life, his victories, his challenges, and his lessons. You will give your Grandfather a gift he will cherish while also giving yourself the gift of knowing him a little bit better.

Think of all you will learn about your Granddad when you read the stories of his life experiences. What will he share? What will you discover? What will you learn?

Imagine Reading About the Details of His Amazing Life and Journey.
Bestselling author Jeffrey Mason and Hear Your Story Books have expertly created this incredibly popular series of guided journals that have helped thousands share their life stories, chronicle their memories, and create a legacy for their families.

Newly Expanded and Upgraded. More Prompts, More Pages, and More Space for your Grandfather to Share His Life and His Story with You!
Over 250 expertly created guided prompts to make it simple for your father to share his memories with you.

Each question has plenty of room for your Granddad to write and share his life stories.

Give him the original memory-guided journal. Over tens of thousands have been bought for and cherished by families all over the world.

Available is a variety of cover versions so you can match this forever gift with your one-of-a-kind Grandfather.