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Trap Kitchen: The Art of Street Cocktails

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Foreword by Roddy Ricch

The Trap Kitchen franchise turns toward mixology with a comprehensive and creative guide to street cocktails, as this legendary culinary duo puts their spin on time-honored drinks on the go.

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'TRAP KITCHEN: THE ART OF STREET COCKTAILS' elevates the time-honored culture of street cocktails, infusing it with the signature Trap Kitchen flair. Utilizing a blend of popular libations and regional flavors, they create an unparalleled cocktail experience.
As the pandemic spurred a surge in demand for 
portable drinks on the go'The Art of Street Cocktails' emerges as a go-to resource for crafting flavorful, transportable cocktails. This mixology manual offers an array of dynamic recipes, from the minty, rum-infused Hulk Smash to the tropical pineapple coconut Trap Kitchen Cocktail, a tribute to their iconic pineapple chicken dish. 'TRAP KITCHEN: THE ART OF STREET COCKTAILS' transcends the typical drink guide, embodying the essence of mobile mixology. It’s a celebration of social, urban culinary arts, regional cocktail traditions, and innovative drink crafting, appealing to both casual cocktail enthusiasts and seasoned mixologists. Each page pulsates with the spirit of Trap Kitchen, keeping their groundbreaking innovation alive in every sip, and offering a vibrant collection of street-smart cocktail recipes for today's dynamic mixology scene.