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Yoga Intro | Meet Audrey

Yoga Intro | Meet Audrey


We've got another yoga instructor introduction for you: meet Audrey! She shared with us her yoga journey and more about who she is, how she fell in love with the practice, her love for Whittier, and what to expect from a class. Read on to get to know Audrey:

 I was drawn to my first yoga class in my early 20's looking for relief from a physically demanding job.

Suffering from tendinitis, scoliosis and joint pain, yoga didn’t come easy to my body. I kept coming back to my mat for the stress relief and healing effects of a consistent practice. 



I owe my well being to yoga! My practice is my escape from chronic anxiety. I believe in the power of yoga so much I started to teach in Spring of 2013 completing my 200 RYT, and continuing many workshops, trainings and retreats with top teachers andmethods, including my 80 hour Prenatal Yoga Certification.



Expect my class to be Vinyasa flow based (Sun Salutations or breathing with movement), sweaty, stretchy and hands on! Every class is sequenced to create an atmosphere of stillness in movement. Where strength, stamina and flexibility gracefully meet. My mission is to help my students find mind body connection, proper alignment, breath work through self curiosity and empowerment.

Yoga is not just about touching your toes or breathing through difficult poses. Its what you learn about yourself in those moments on your mat.  How can you shift the conversation within yourself to a positive and kind note?This is when your practice begins! 

When we are able to check out of our busy schedules to check in with our authentic selves. Taking those lessons of mindfulness off our mat is what yoga is all about to me!



I was born and raised here in Uptown Whittier! I have many great stories about the Whittier earthquake to Turnbull canyon and the good ol days of riding the Whittier transit home from St Paul. 

In my free time when I’m not hanging with my rambunctious toddler and the local mom groups. You’ll find me tending to my beloved cactus and succulents or traveling the world with my husband who has been composing and performing music back when we met in Jr High when he played guitar in a local punk band.



Join Audrey for her next class! Sundays at 10am most weeks,

and sometimes subbing in for other instructors during the week! 



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