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    Yoga Intro | Meet Audrey

    Yoga Intro | Meet Audrey


    We've got another yoga instructor introduction for you: meet Audrey! She shared with us her yoga journey and more about who she is, how she fell in love with the practice, her love for Whittier, and what to expect from a class. Read on to get to know Audrey:

     I was drawn to my first yoga class in my early 20's looking for relief from a physically demanding job.

    Suffering from tendinitis, scoliosis and joint pain, yoga didn’t come easy to my body. I kept coming back to my mat for the stress relief and healing effects of a consistent practice. 



    I owe my well being to yoga! My practice is my escape from chronic anxiety. I believe in the power of yoga so much I started to teach in Spring of 2013 completing my 200 RYT, and continuing many workshops, trainings and retreats with top teachers andmethods, including my 80 hour Prenatal Yoga Certification.



    Expect my class to be Vinyasa flow based (Sun Salutations or breathing with movement), sweaty, stretchy and hands on! Every class is sequenced to create an atmosphere of stillness in movement. Where strength, stamina and flexibility gracefully meet. My mission is to help my students find mind body connection, proper alignment, breath work through self curiosity and empowerment.

    Yoga is not just about touching your toes or breathing through difficult poses. Its what you learn about yourself in those moments on your mat.  How can you shift the conversation within yourself to a positive and kind note?This is when your practice begins! 

    When we are able to check out of our busy schedules to check in with our authentic selves. Taking those lessons of mindfulness off our mat is what yoga is all about to me!



    I was born and raised here in Uptown Whittier! I have many great stories about the Whittier earthquake to Turnbull canyon and the good ol days of riding the Whittier transit home from St Paul. 

    In my free time when I’m not hanging with my rambunctious toddler and the local mom groups. You’ll find me tending to my beloved cactus and succulents or traveling the world with my husband who has been composing and performing music back when we met in Jr High when he played guitar in a local punk band.



    Join Audrey for her next class! Sundays at 10am most weeks,

    and sometimes subbing in for other instructors during the week! 



    Yoga Intro | Meet Lil' Mich

    Yoga Intro | Meet Lil' Mich


    Meet Michelle, also known as Lil' Mich around here. Michelle has been with the LF wellness program since Day 1! In the summer of 2018, Michelle kicked off our very first yoga class starting on Saturday mornings. A little over a year later, and we now have 5 instructors and host a yoga class EVERY day of the week. 


    But we love to acknowledge and celebrate milestones and beginnings. Michelle is an amazing instructor + incredibly passionate about yoga and wellness. She is a nurse by trade of 9 years, a Dottera wellness advocate, and she was born and raised in Whittier! She has the Whittier Local roots and considers it an honor to teach in her hometown.


    “I practice yoga because changed my life!  it has really taught me how to be better to myself, to my body, and to everyone around me. It has taught me to find a deeper meaning to life, and to connect with my self my soul my inner being my spirit."



    “I hope that I can share my passion of yoga through my class... that I can guide the class beyond a physical practice and into something deeper.  That I can help heal and inspire healing through my class, in body and spirit."



    Join Michelle for a class soon! She teaches Mondays at 9am, Wednesdays at 6:30pm, and Saturdays at 9am.




    Class schedule, tickets, and more information found here:


    Makers + Crafters Pop Up Event

    Makers + Crafters Pop Up Event

    Exciting news, Whittier! We are hosting a Makers Pop Up Market in October, and we are now accepting applications. The market will be held on October 20th and 21st inside our event space towards the back of the shop, and it will run from 11:00a - 5:00p both days.

    Interested in applying? We'd love to hear from you. We have space for 10 tables each day, and participants can sign up for one or both days. Spots will fill up fast, and we can't wait to curate a fantastic local market for Whittier.

    Accepting applications for makers selling physical goods only (apparel, jewelry, leather goods, stationary, candles, etc.) We look forward to hearing from you!



    Whittier Local | Crystal

    Whittier Local | Crystal

    We are incredibly excited to introduce you to our friend Crystal -- an awesome Whittier local who we often see at the shop and coffee bar.

    Prompted out of an Instagram post, we were reminded at just how quickly time can fly! Crystal has been coming to the store with her daughter over the last 3 years, and we thought it would be fun to share more about their journey and why she keeps coming back. We are so grateful for our "regulars" and the folks who bring life and love to our space. Here's more from Crystal's story:

     What’s your connection to the Whittier community?

    Me and my husband moved to Whittier in 2010. We bought our home in Whittier in 2014 and welcomed our daughter in 2015. I have always had a love for their great city but it grew even stronger when I became a mother. 
    During my pregnancy I started working out with Evelyn of Maternifit. I continued to see her postpartum. Through Evelyn, I met Becky of My Postpartum Tribe. My Postpartum Tribe is a free mom to mom support meeting in Whittier. The of women from this group were so helpful and non judgmental during those first postpartum years. I would definitely recommend this group for any mama! Their meeting information can be found on their website or Instagram. 
    Becky and Evelyn inspired and encouraged me to start my own meeting. In April of 2017 I started hosting free meetups for mothers who were struggling with anxiety nursing in public called N.I.P. n' Sip. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing moms and watched them empower each other in their breastfeeding journeys. It's such an incredible thing to witness. 
    How did you first hear about Local Fixture? How long have you been coming to the shop?
    Me and my husband used to live one block down from Local Fixture. We were walking to the bank one night and saw this store that had just opened. We stopped inside and were greeted by David and Jason. They let us know that they had just opened up and told us a little about the store. My husband bought me the cutest red rhinestone clutch that night. I thought it was great and nothing like any of the stores we had in Whittier. I've been coming ever since!
    Favorite products or items? Favorite drink or food at the coffee bar?
    My favorite product is the Suavacito pomade! Me and my husband both use it and I love the scent! Ella loves the Lily and Momo bows and all of the accessories, especially the new rings. My favorite drink is an iced vanilla almond latte. Although, Anthony suggested oat milk when it was brought into the shop, and that was AMAZING. I can't wait for it to be in stock again! 
    What brings you back to Local Fixture regularly?
    The quality coffee and amazing staff. Everyone is always so welcoming. There is such a sense of community there. 
    Have you connected to anyone (friendships) because of Local Fixture? If so, can you tell us the story? 
    Local Fixture did a Mother's Day spotlight on a few of the regular mama customers, Olivia. I started following her on Instagram and we became instant friends. We met up for drinks at the Double Tree and talked for a few hours about everything. Our bartender was surprised that we had just met in person for the first time. Haha. I love that social media can create friendships. Olivia has become one of my closest friends and we meet for coffee, playdates and mom dates almost every week! 
    Can you tell us a little bit more of who you are and your background? Work or interests, family life, etc.
    I love vintage clothing and accessories from the 1950's and 60's. Before I had our daughter I dressed in the vintage style every day. I was even Miss Uptown Whittier in 2012! I save those clothes for special occasions because they aren't very practical when at Central Park with a toddler! Haha. 
    Lastly, here are the images from Crystal's Instagram post that showcases her daughter here at the store over the years! Thank you Crystal for your support and making this place a brighter place. We appreciate you and your family.